We Celebrate Gay Ski Week - Aspen 2021 with MICHEL MIRABALS stunning LGBT Flag ARTWORK. Take your Closer LOOK


The Aspen Art Gallery and Michel Mirabal and Aspen proudly welcome Love! #aspenwelcomeslove through this in-depth look at his stunning Creation “SOMOS”48x36.

Check all the festivities this week in Aspen HERE..https://gayskiweek.com/

MICHEL MIRABAL’s works are painted on wooden boards, either blackened with charcoal or covered with newspaper. Why Rice, Barbed wire, keys, or bullet shells? From the darkest of tragedy can come the most stunning expressions of light. Michel is continual seeking symbols that overcome barriers. To freedoms, differences of religion, political systems and physical barriers. He reminds us how the glue of humanity is much stronger…how we are all connected.


Michel Mirabal and his astonishing creations unite people from all walks for life. With such a pure purpose, MIRABALs achievements are beyond anything he could have imagined.

Just to name a few .

A closer look at those pieces opens the path to deeper interpretations….so Take a closer look at Works here! including a historic homage to the USA Presidential visit to Cuba in 2015 “yesterday and today”., His MasterWork “Tough Love”, a celebration of MIRABAL infatuation with the USA through “Zoom”. His homage to the beauty of Aspen Through…”Sunflower”…Artworks that explore his Appreciation for the connection and support of the Afro-American Community “Black flag” and “Black and White”. and “Umbrella” that beautifully capture the resilience of humanity despite the any obstacle.

And “SOMOS” 48x36…See below for a much Closer LOOK.


He knows how to break it down to the most simple ingredients. Things that every one, from all walks of life, will understand and identify with. Simplicity and unity are everything for him...A man of the people, a creative genius motivated by empathy, kindness and love.

Michel Mirabal Aspen Art Gallery

in 2017 Michel partnered with the Key West to Cuba Festival. This event celebrates Key West (FLA) and Cuba as "two places that embrace the LGBT community".

Michel Mirabal Aspen Art Gallery

The Festival consisted of a 6 days tour (Sept. 7-13, 2017): it started in Key West for 3 days and was then celebrated in Cuba for 3 days in La Havana. The event was presented by La Havana Air who flew the participants between the two destinations, in one of its planes decorated by Michel Mirabal (read full story).

Once in La Havana, participants were all invited at Michel's compound for an opening night party.

Aspen Art Gallery Michel Mirabal

This is not the only opportunity that Michel has to show his support for the LGBT community. When he was in Aspen this summer, he painted 'Somos' (38x46):

Take a closer look at the material he uses and why Michel is attracted fine art collectors, globally( read more )... He is collected by both Trump and Obama!

Michel uses keys, bullet shells, rice and other meaningful medias to create his Artwork.

Michel uses keys, bullet shells, rice and other meaningful medias to create his Artwork.

“SOMOS” 48x36