REISIG & TAYLOR's secret Ingredient.


Over the last 25 years, REISIG & TAYLOR, have captured some of the most iconic moments and personalities through their stunning work…and more recently we launched a brand new chapter in their careers….As fine Artists

Some of the names in their portfolio include world-famous musicians like Tupac...Star athletes like Lebron James and Serena Williams…and more recently, the Suicide Girls..

The Suicide Girls, a traveling burlesque show and online community of pinup models, have made appearances in all things media...including movies, books, comics and even famous musical performances...

Now, their fierce and vibrant essence is perfectly captured through a 3D Lenticular piece created by one of the greatest pop art duos of all time...REISIG & TAYLOR!

Let’s take a look at the inspiration behind one of the gallery’s latest pieces..



Very last CUBANESS

.and go behind the scenes with REISIG & TAYLOR into the photoshoot that made it all happen.

We would like to warn that some of the imagery in this blog is NSFW and viewer caution should be advised.

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Suicide Girl photo shoot 2.jpg
Suicide Girl photoshoot.jpg