Where do extreme explosions of value in our counter culture come from? When does Art slide from being a pretty idea to a global commodity? Tyler Sean is renowned for having his finger on the pulse. Somehow paradoxically questioning this value but at the same time celebrating it with a sense of awe.

Check out Tylers first Canvas works at the Aspen Art Gallery. the recent TYLER SEAN Retrospective and his  In-depth page 


His very latest works astound... he has his  finger on the pulse 


Greater refinement of his process, a more simplistic elegance and many more hours to create 



- One Artwork has up to 144 layers of Spray paint, take a look


- Paying homage to the  Kelly Bag  in his very latest Aesthetic 


- Breathtaking creations, depicting  Alexander Hamilton 


"Off-White Inside BLUE" 

Tyler Sean


Multi layers of spray paint on Canvas

"Ben and Jerry Chunky Dunky" 

Tyler Sean


Multi layers of spray paint on Canvas

There are several reasons why these shoes are important in the world of fashion and sneaker culture:

Collaboration with Off-White: Off-White is a high-end fashion label founded by designer Virgil Abloh. The collaboration between Nike and Off-White has been instrumental in reshaping the fashion and streetwear industry. It represents the intersection of sportswear and high fashion.

Unique Design: The design is distinctive and whimsical. It draws inspiration from Ben & Jerry's ice cream packaging, with a colorful and playful aesthetic that includes cow-print uppers, tie-dye swooshes, and ice cream cone details on the outsole. The design sets these sneakers apart from conventional athletic footwear.

Hype and Limited Availability: The limited availability of these sneakers and the accompanying hype-driven marketing strategy have contributed to their importance. They are often released in small quantities, leading to high demand and resale value. Sneaker enthusiasts and collectors eagerly await such releases.

Resale Market: The sneakers are highly coveted and can be resold at significantly higher prices than their retail value, making them important in the resale and secondary market for sneakers.

Influence on Streetwear: Collaborations like the Off-White x Nike Dunk have played a significant role in blurring the lines between sportswear and fashion, influencing streetwear trends and the way people approach casual and athletic clothing.

Collectibility: For sneaker collectors, the sneakers represents a unique and valuable addition to their collections. The scarcity and design contribute to their desirability among collectors.

Conversation Starter: The sneakers have sparked conversations about the intersection of art, fashion, and consumer culture. They are seen as wearable art, which adds to their significance.