Works in the 'Wow', Makes 'Wow' happen..."thats my Job"

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James Vilona

James Vilona - a colorado native, and our most prolific Artist Once a member of the American Ski Team. 45 years experience as an Artist....designer and model maker, project manager and business owner, miner and explorer. "I’ve been working with my hands since before I can remember"....


Works through Nature.....

to develop and create Art

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Forging Metal Changed The World

"I have always gravitated towards Art that is very hands-on for me" His abilities to manipulate metals are second to none.

Jim Vilona aspen Art Gallery

Only Jim can pay proper homage to the history of Nature

His exquisite talents with the pliable complements the unpliable....using crystals minerals and fossils....They are the record keepers of the planet. They store the information of the ages