- Thinking outside the box -



Todd was born in 1962 - around the same time pop art began to flourish under names like Warhol and Lichtenstein. His work samples what others have sampled in the past, but with his very own unique twist. Whereas most artists take to canvas, Todd uses three-dimensional blocks that he constructs of wood.

Wumbus A_SM.jpg

His Style

“I paint with bold colors and clean lines, on simple geometric forms and combine them with powerful design and well thought out imagery.”


His Purpose...

To create his own unique and recognizable visual language by using “abbreviated and sampled classic images of pop from the past.”

SASSOO 25x12x10 .jpg

His inspiration....

Much of Todd’s work is inspired by what great pop artists have sampled in the past. This includes Warhol’s soup cans and Brillo boxes, Lichtensteins’ cartoons and Indiana’s numbers.