John Cassibry Aspen Art Gallery

John grew up in Cleveland, a small Mississippi Delta town. Inspired by the respect and commitment his Dad was demonstrating in his work, and the imaginative spirit of his mom, his artistic path was paved via a balance of both.  

He spent decades devoutly exploring woodwork. His spheres represent the ultimate expression of his inspiration. Simplistically meets perfection.

John Cassibry Aspen Art Gallery

 John's Woodworking skills have evolved over a lifetime...

From his construction work as a young man to achieving Artistic status, John Cassibry is a master  of form.

John Cassibry Aspen Art Gallery

"I want to make a personal impact with my spheres"

John's spheres are inspiring, they bring a sense of perfection and fullfilment.

John Cassibry Aspen Art Gallery

“Art is an expression of feeling,

an attempt to communicate or portray love, beauty, outrage, faith, joy, horror, humor, everyday events, moral values; the list crosses the human emotional spectrum ad infinitum.”