Brin Porter Aspen Art Gallery


Brian Porter is an artist whose work has evolved from the street to the gallery and from the wall to the canvas. His use of pop culture icons combined with an explosive color palette gives his work a "timeless" appeal and sensibility. He is no stranger to the art industry, having spent over fifteen years working as a graffiti artist in major metropolitan cities such as : Toronto, Vancouver and Tokyo.

After 15 years working as a graffiti artist in major cities like Toronto, Tokyo and L.A., Brian Porter seamlessly transitioned into the realm of fine art with his captivating style of animal and pop icon portraiture. His keen use and combination of colour invests his paintings with vibrancy and power that make his work instantly recognizable.

Potent and proud, with internal depth and outward magnificence, each of the animal subjects is illuminated against a black backdrop, creating a stage upon which to showcase their unique natural prowess. Porter’s work represents an intersection between street art – known for its approachability, immediacy and stylistic edge – and gallery artwork, which is often characterized by a polished sensibility and intimate gaze. The fusion of pop cultural elements, vivacious colour and intelligent reflection on the forces of nature that animate Canadian wildlife place Porter’s paintings in a class of their own.

Born in Cambridge, Ontario, Porter was encouraged to express his creativity at an early age. His first encounter with graffiti art occurred grade four; this was an experience that ignited his imagination. Inspired by this new art form he began to sketch using charcoal and later progressed into experimentation with aerosol, acrylic and oil paints. His versatility and eagerness dabble a variety of mediums and techniques has allowed his body of work to maintain a strong relevance in the contemporary art scene.

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Porter's immediate environment, life experiences and music have always been his primary inspiration and motivation. As an artist, he thrives on the experience of painting for the public and is continuously invited to lend his artistic hand to public murals. How work has been featured in a number of publications including 'Concrete Powder', 'Under Pressure' and 'Always Fresh' and has also won numerous public art prizes and competitions including Warner Brothers 'The Watchmen' graffiti contest and 'The Williams Mill Art Prize'.