The Relationship between ART and MONEY - TYLER SEAN

It’s not very often that you come by a 24 year old artist with the level of talent that TYLER SEAN has.. His understanding of pop art goes well beyond his years... and many of his works show clear inspiration from world famous pop artists like Jeff Koons, Damian Hurst and Basquiat.

TYLER won the Best Rising Artist Prize for Spectrum/ArtBasel Miami. 

He has blown up Aspen not just once.. but twice..

He’s the inventor of his very own technique..

And his most recent “Palatable Conscience” show was our biggest ever..

Today, we take a closer look at one of his newest pieces, Untitled 33x34”. The mix of TYLER SEAN’s creative genius and the subtle hints of Basquiat that he throws in makes this a brilliant masterpiece.

whose face is in the middle? - The answer is Benjamin Franklin - one of two non-presidents displayed on U.S. bills. But why him?

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 5.30.57 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 5.29.07 PM.png

Ben Franklin “was the only founding father to have signed the three most important documents that led to Independence: Treaty of Alliance with FranceTreaty of Paris and the Declaration of Independence.


In addition to his political endeavors, Ben Franklin was also an accomplished scientist and entrepreneur - credited for inventing the street lamp, odometer, lighting rod, bifoculs and more. - Ben Franklin Historical Society



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