There is a new 'Big Boy' in town!

Big Boy Aspen Art Gallery

In the last couple of days that he's been with us, our 35' high metal "Big Boy" has attracted a lot of attention and questions... So here it is: 5 fun facts about our Big Boy:

1: Robert C Wian, Founder of Big Boy, sold his car for $350 to start his first restaurant! 

Our Big Boy was made in Redstone, CO, by Craig Stifter (producer and host of a TV show..coming to your screen near you very soon "Picking to repurpose, repurpose to pick"), but he is from originally from California... When Robert C. Wian opened the first Big Boy in Glendale, California in 1936, it was a tiny 10-stool affair called Bob's Pantry. The place was all built on the $350 he got for hawking his car. Luckily, he made it all back.

Big Boy Aspen Art Gallery

2: The Big Boy was based on a real 6-year-old... 

One of Bob's most loyal customers in the early days, called Rick Woodruff. Rick was a 6-year-old who was so obsessed with the burgers, he frequently offered to sweep up in exchange for a free one. 

Big Boy Aspen Art Gallery

3: He created the first "double-decker" burger

In 1937, Wian decided to joke with a friend who came in asking for something different. He assembled a burger with two patties and a middle bun layer for good measure. Wian thought it was funny, but his customers thought it was genius, and pretty soon he had a signature dish on his hands. Signature dish that he brought with him in Aspen!

Big Boy Aspen Art Gallery

4: After many transformations... Our Big Boy is the winner!

Since 1937, Big Boy went through ups and downs... Our Big Boy is on the up-side... the 1956 Big Boy, is by far, the fans' favorite! The icon of Big Boy.

Big Boy aspen Art Gallery

5: Big Boy has his own comic series

The Big Boy owner Robert C Wian commissioned a Big Boy comic book to give away to kids in 1956, which makes of this comic one of the longest running! While the series has employed several writers over the years, you might be familiar with the first one: Stan Lee. 

Big Boy Aspen Art Gallery

Source: Thrillist

Ben Tomkins