Marco Grassi and the Origins of 'THE GOLD EXPERIENCE'...

Gold is a key element of much of Marco Grassi's Artwork. Here is how Marco was inspired to use his most sort after material.....GOLD LEAF


Civilizations of GOLD

Marco Grassi became inspired by Gold while traveling in Russia.

During his journey, he experienced and studied the use of gold in figurative painting. He decided to experiment using it in his Artwork in late 2013 at 'Contemporary Istanbul'. It was greeted with fantastic success right away.

Admirers were seeing in his Artwork the rivalry of ancient mystical charm and contemporary pop. Marco had given his creations a whole new dimension: it was the link between the beauty of the past and popular themes of today.

GOLD Expressing the Impossible

In the Byzantine Icons, Gold was used to symbolize what was impossible to represent: extreme lights, extreme colors, extreme detail... Gold fills up Marco's work to express an intensity of emotions.


Super Gold Star - 55x73 - MARCO GRASSI

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