Ben Levy

A Pop Rebellion

Ben Levy is a north London based portrait/figurative artist. People are describing Ben's work as pop art with a rebellious twist. He conveys everyday issues that have become fashionable through the press.

The general public love a story so Ben tries to capture political, racial, sexual and many other topics in a comic like scenario using famous faces well known throughout society.His work is extremely quirky and comical.

Asked about his work Ben explains, 'I love the fact that as these faces keep on changing along with the stories so can the paintings. Each change, each new feature, a wrinkle or a blemish for example can be added at a later stage, it makes me feel as though the painting is never finished and I love that, it seems corrupt to sell artwork that isn't finished and I think that says slot about the ideas behind my work.

Corruption seems to be a very fashionable trait nowadays..