- a dialogue between the viewer’s emotional experience and their perception through sight -

Amanda Dunbar Aspen Art Gallery

Amanda Dunbar

was born in Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada in 1982. She moved to Allen TX in 1994 at the age of 12.

She began painting in a public after school art class at the age of 12.  Her spontaneous and advanced works acquired significant interest immediately. Amanda is currently listed as a prodigy of the visual arts in the current textbooks for advanced university education entitled “Child Psychology” by John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. 

Amanda Dunbar - Aspen Art Gallery


A major theme that reoccurs in my artwork is the idea of facets; by this I mean different levels of meaning; many parts making up a whole. 

Amanda Dunbar - Aspen Art Gallery

Forever a student...

 I strive to achieve greater understanding while I capture worthy subjects with honesty and grace. I will forever be a student. 

Amanda Dunbar Aspen Art Gallery

The Dunbar equation...

Art is communication. Art seeks to inform. Information is power. Art equals power.