Featured Exhibits

Ein Sof Crush Whirlwind in the Thorn Trees Santa Fe Gold Circle in a Circle
Ein Sof by Ron Agam
Whirlwind in the Thorn Trees by Mark Yale Harris
Santa Fe Gold by Sherri Mignonne
Circle in a Circle by Ron Agam

Contemporary Art, Modern Art, Fine Art  – Welcome to Colorado’s hottest gallery, located in both Aspen and Cherry Creek, offering an array of cutting edge, eclectic art, paintings, and sculpture that you will find nowhere else.

Contemporary art aficionado and Aspen Art Gallery owner, Damian Guillot, brings his own special vision to the world of world renowned art, sculpture, and painting in Colorado. Representing such artists as Isabelle Dupuy, Ron Agam, S. Mignonne, Randy Cooper, James Vilona and Mark Yale Harris, to name a few, Aspen Art Gallery provides  a rebirth of all that contemporary art and modern art galleries are meant to be. Aspen Art Gallery is the National name for contemporary art, modern art, and fine art, and now has two locations, in Aspen, and in Cherry Creek, Colorado.