"Aspen Art Gallery's success is real, and so is Local ringmaster Damian Guillot"

— Aspen Luxury Life Magazine -

Michel Mirabal aspen art Gallery


Michel Mirabal is coming to Aspen in June and will paint in the United States for the first time on this occasion. Contact us to know more about this event! 

A Word from Damian Guillot

Aspen Art Gallery owner

"I choose all of my art personally. If I don’t love it, I can’t sell it. I have a very eclectic collection compared to most galleries. 

Michel Mirabal

This Cuban artist is the one President Obama and President Trump have in common in their collection...


Isabelle Dupuy

This French painter is often referred as the new Monnet.

4988-Summer Meadow of Fresh Poppies, 2016, 36x60 copy.jpg

Sherri Mignonne

"Creative expression is peace, is love, is life to me." 

Red Feather Peak 48x60 copy.jpg

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