"Aspen Art Gallery's success is real, and so is Local ringmaster Damian Guillot"

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Aspen art Gallery - Elected Best Art Gallery in Aspen

Aspen art Gallery - Best Art Gallery in ASpen 

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A Word from Damian Guillot

Aspen Art Gallery owner

"I choose all of my art personally. If I don’t love it, I can’t sell it. I have a very eclectic collection compared to most galleries." 


Sherri Mignonne

"Creative expression is peace, is love, is life to me." 

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Michel Mirabal

The Former President Obama and President Trump Finally Agree....on Michel MIRABAL, for their prized Art  collection...

Mirabal “Tough Love” Diptych 84x96.jpg

Tyler Sean

The pop art prodigy

Business of Sincere Expression 49x49.jpg

Isabelle Dupuy

Part of the family mythology is Isabelle, age 9, saying "I am Van Gogh, I am Monet"...

Olive Trees of the Poppy Fields 36X60.jpg



- The Shadow Sculptor -

Randy Cooper Aspen Art Gallery

Randy Cooper

Randy Cooper has had many jobs and careers, ranging from lumberjack in the woods of the Pacific Northwest to serving as a special education teacher, from an operator at a Westinghouse plant to a developer and teacher of the Total Quality Management program at two of their facilities. As an artist, he credits his attention to detail to this latter experience at Westinghouse. Randy’s mother was a master carver of birds and gunstocks, and one of his sisters is an accomplished painter, sculptor, and author. It wasn’t until Randy was nearly 50 that he discovered his own penchant for art. His first experience with art education was taking a 6-week course with sculptor Wren Prather-Stroud. He also attended a week-long course with Tuck Langland at the Scottsdale Artists’ School.

Randy Cooper - Aspen Art Gallery

Wire sculptures.

After working successfully in clays, artificial stone, and bronzes, Randy discovered wire mesh, which soon became his medium.

Randy Cooper - Aspen Art Gallery

The Magic...

He began creating intriguing and magical sculptures in wire mesh and has developed all of the techniques that he uses in making his “Shadow Sculptures” on his own.

Randy Cooper - Aspen Art Gallery

Find the Details in the Shadow...

Sometimes the shadows seem to show more detail than the original sculpture and instill a feeling of magic into the creation. 



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